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Criminal Defense Attorney Oklahoma City OK

If you've been charged with a crime in Oklahoma the first person you should talk to is an experienced criminal defense attorney.  You want a positive resolution that protects your personal freedom and financial interests. At the Law Firm of Oklahoma, we offer aggressive and effective solutions to clients facing a wide range of charges.


Put our experience to work for you.  We offer some of the most talented legal experts in the state of Oklahoma.

Criminal Justice Attorney: Experienced & Highly Reviewed

With decades of combined experience fighting criminal charges the criminal defense attorneys at the Law Firm of Oklahoma have a clear understanding of the tactics necessary to win important cases.  Our lawyers leverage this experience to ensure the best possible result for each of our clients.

Whether you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges our law office has the experience to fight charges in city, state, and county courts throughout Oklahoma.  We also have a record of success fighting charges in Federal courts.  Regardless of the charges you're facing we put all our resources to work to aggressively defend your rights.

Lawyer: Experts at Fighting Drug Charges

Drug-related charges in the State of Oklahoma carry serious consequences.  From misdemeanor possession charges to felony trafficking charges we have seen it all.  Whether you're facing charges for pot, cocaine, methamphetamines, or heroine you need an experienced drug attorney to ensure all evidence against you was properly collected.  We have successfully defended clients facing a variety of charges including:

  • Drug Trafficking & Aggravated Trafficking
  • Drug possession (personal use, sale, paraphernalia, and intent to distribute)
  • Manufacturing
  • Prescription Drugs

White Collar Crimes

Though they are often portrayed as "less serious" than other types of criminal charges, crimes such as embezzlement and fraud can carry serious fines and even jail time for those convicted.  Our defense attorneys have a great deal of experience fighting these types of charges.  Contact us immediately if you are facing any of the following:

  • Computer Fraud
  • Investment Fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Tax Fraud
  • Medicare or Medicaid Fraud

While white collar crimes are often viewed as less serious than other crimes they can carry heavy penalties including fines and jail time. If you find yourself in need of a defense attorney in Oklahoma City give us call about any of the following types of cases.

Expungements, Criminal Appeals, and Parole Violations

Even if you've already been convicted of a crime you still have options.  We offer post-conviction relief through expungements and criminal appeals.

If you've paid your dues and are ready to move on from your criminal past contact us to help you navigate the legal process of clearing your name.

Quality Legal Services and Effective Criminal Representation

The Law Firm of Oklahoma is an established, successful firm that pools the resources and expertise from a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable attorneys who specialize in various fields of criminal law. As a result we are able to help clients facing a wide range of charges. 

Personal Representation, Professional Results

To us, you are not a case number. You are an individual with unique legal needs; our job is to fulfill those needs through the highest quality legal counsel and representation. You will likely have countless questions about the legal process you face, and we strive to guide you successfully through that process by keeping you informed, answering your questions honestly, and addressing your concerns with thoughtful consideration of your situation.

Our approach to legal representation is supported by an established record of success, garnering dismissals and acquittals in our criminal cases and significant settlements and judgments in civil lawsuits as well as winning divorce settlements and custody disputes that protect the financial and emotional well-being of our clients and their families.

Get Started with a Risk-Free Consultation

Choosing a criminal defense lawyer to handle your case can be difficult, but it does not have to be. We provide a free consultation for anyone in search of a lawyer to handle their Oklahoma criminal case. Your consultation is held in strictest confidentiality, so your meeting is truly a no-risk consultation.

You have nothing to lose by talking with us, but you stand to lose everything by failing to secure legal representation in a timely manner. Call today to schedule your free, confidential case analysis or submit the online case review form provided on this website.

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