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Possible Charges for Oklahoma Woman in Clown Attack Hoax

Posted: Tuesday, November 01, 2016

With the creepy clown hysteria that swept the nation in the months before Halloween, we learned of several people being prosecuted for donning clown costumes and attempting to scare people. Now, a woman in Mayes County, Oklahoma, could be criminally charged after claiming to be the victim of a savage clown attack.

According to Mayes County Sheriff Mike Reed, a Claremore woman reported to his office that she had been attacked by a clown who injured her and wrote, "Clown Posse," on her forehead.

Reed says Amie Jones, also known as Amie Pierce, told deputies that a woman ran in front of her vehicle, waving her hands and screaming. When Jones stopped, she says, two men dressed as clowns dragged her from her vehicle and assaulted her. She claims the two clowns punched her, choked her, and put out a lit cigarette on her face before writing on her forehead.

Mayes says that his office followed leads in several counties but could find no evidence to support her claim. The sheriff accuses the woman of fabricating the clown attack, saying he noticed inconsistencies in her story. He further alleges that the Jones eventually admitted to harming herself by hitting herself in the face and banging her head on the steering wheel. Mayes says that although she admitted to causing her own injuries and to writing on her own forehead, she continues to insist that she was attacked by clowns.

The sheriff says that the alleged false claim wasted significant manpower and pulled law enforcement officers away from actual cases to which they should have devoted their time. He has presented his arguments to the Mayes County District Attorney who could decide to pursue prosecution. Mayes says he believes at least three-fourths of her story is completely made up, and he is asking the DA to file obstruction charges against Jones.

As of this writing, no charges have been filed.

Image credit: Karen Eliot

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