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OKC Man Charged with Murder in Fatal Crash while Eluding Police

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

An Oklahoma City man who crashed his vehicle while attempting to flee police has been charged with murder and other crimes related to the crash.

Police say they attempted to pull over an SUV driven by Marco Deovia Hollins, 30, after he ran a stop sign Saturday night. However, instead of pullingover, Hollins led police on a chase from NW 10 and N Klein Avenue to NW 30 and Hudson, where the SUV crashed.

The accident pinned Hollis in the vehicle, ejected a front seat passenger through the windshield, and killed one of two backseat passengers.

Police say they found Xanax and marijuana in the vehicle, and they arrested Hollins on complaints of second degree murder, eluding a police officer, drivingwith a revoked license, and causing an accident resulting in death while driving without a license. He is held without bond in the Oklahoma CountyJail.

Second degree murder is defined in 21 O.S. � 701.8as a homicide occurring under one of two sets of circumstances:

1. When it is perpetrated by an imminently dangerous act, "evincing a depraved mind," without regard human life, even without any intent or premeditationto take the life of another person.

2. When perpetrated by someone in the commission of a felony other than those violent felonies specified as resulting in a first degree felony murdercharge, even if there is no intent to take the life of another person.

State law in 47 O.S. � 11-905 makes it a felony to cause a fatal accident that results in the death of another person. While eluding police and driving with a revoked license are misdemeanors in this case, the act of causing an accident resulting in death while driving without a license is the felony charge police needed to file a second degree murder complaint against Hollins. Court records do not indicate that the suspect has been formally charged.

Hollins has an extensive criminal record in Oklahoma County, with convictions including drug possession, public drunkenness, disturbing the peace, threatening an act of violence, placing body fluids on a government employee, making a false declaration of ownership to a pawnbroker, drug possession with intent to distribute, and possession of drug proceeds.

If ultimately charged and convicted of second degree murder, he faces 10 years to life in prison.

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